5 essential features of handbags to look out for

Ideally, for every lady, a handbag is the most important accessory to not leave the house without. To some select ladies shopping for handbags might be a little overwhelming and some others love to go bag shopping. Different strokes we must say. Whatever the case, whether you love to shop for bags or not, we thought best to share certain features to look out for when handbag shopping so as to get the best fit from the many bag styles available on the market.

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Purses to rock with Aso Ebi

Hello ladies!

We bet this will be a very interesting one. Have you ever assembled an outfit, a traditional one to be more precise and end up looking for the ideal purse/clutch to go with it? Yeah yeah, we’ve been in such shoes before and thought why not do a post addressing this!

You don’t need a poor choice of bag to spoil your general look, so below are lookbooks to get ideas from, so you’re ready to slay head to toe in your next Aso Ebi.

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