5 essential features of handbags to look out for

Ideally, for every lady, a handbag is the most important accessory to not leave the house without. To some select ladies shopping for handbags might be a little overwhelming and some others love to go bag shopping. Different strokes we must say. Whatever the case, whether you love to shop for bags or not, we thought best to share certain features to look out for when handbag shopping so as to get the best fit from the many bag styles available on the market.

It is really important to find a handbag design that offers the features that will be most useful to you the buyer. For example bag pockets will help organize the inside of your bags better and make it easier to find items. Handbag sizes and colours may also appeal to style and further project personal fashion statements.


If you don’t pay attention to the features of a bag when buying, you may be end up with a collection of bags that just sit on a shelf without use……..in other words, money spent has gone down the drain because you’re not using the bag and getting the expected value from it.

Alternatively you can use the following 5 features to ensure that you end up with a collection of handbags that you’ll want to keep using for years.

  1. First and most important, the size:

You need to first understand what type of woman you are, and for what occasion are you getting the bag. If a bag is larger than you are comfortable with or if it is too small to carry what you want, you may end up disappointed in your purchase. For online bag shoppers, take time and attention to understand the size in the product description. Tip -if you’re not familiar with the numbers and measurements, use a measuring tape so you can have a visual idea of what the bag will be like when it’s delivered.


Large handbags are also not a good eyesight on small sized individuals. A bag should balance the wearer’s physique. Obviously, larger bags can carry more items, but are not ideal to wear to some occasions.

2. Material deserves a lot of attention.

A handbag’s material may greatly affect how you carry it and where you use it to. The design and material has the power to classify a bag as a daytime or evening style bag. It’s also important to check the item’s cleaning instructions just to know how to care for the handbag appropriately. Generally, evening bags work well in fine fabrics, but your everyday handbag should be made out of a more durable material.

3. Shapes.

Consider the shape of bags available, like have you noticed you like defined or structured bags, or a casual looking bag? Do you have a thing for satchel bags or bucket bags, all these are features to consider.


4. Straps, long or short?

This also depends on your style and preferences. Whatever your preferences, make sure the strap is strong enough and the length can be adjustable. Crossbody bag designs are also great for market runs as you have your valuable just across your chest. Straps are subject to a lot of wear and tear, heavy loads can cause straps and handles to snap, remember not to overfill bags.

5. Closures, pockets & accessories.

Closures are also a key feature to consider. You need to be aware of the closure and ascertain whether it’s safe enough to hold the necessary valuable you’ll always have handy in your bag and to keep others from reaching into your handbag and removing items.


Closures include zips, magnetic snaps, loops etc. Pockets are popular because they give bag owners more space to organize small little items, such as phones, make up essentials, keys etc. Lastly, accessories are in now and you shouldn’t miss out. They include mini pom poms, scarves, holders and lots more. Some come with the bags and others you might have to purchase from an accessory store.


A bag that is convenient to use as well as wonderful to look at will definitely bring a sense of joy and satisfaction. Use these tips carefully and watch your bag collection grow into what you want it to be – stylish, functional and lovely.


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