Purses to rock with Aso Ebi

Hello ladies!

We bet this will be a very interesting one. Have you ever assembled an outfit, a traditional one to be more precise and end up looking for the ideal purse/clutch to go with it? Yeah yeah, we’ve been in such shoes before and thought why not do a post addressing this!

You don’t need a poor choice of bag to spoil your general look, so below are lookbooks to get ideas from, so you’re ready to slay head to toe in your next Aso Ebi.


This clutch oozes class and royalty, pair it with a nice lace dress and you’re good to go! Most importantly, you’ll definitely get the attention and admiration of all.


Loving this look and how she paired a little black box bag with an Ankara pattern. Sometimes carry handy bags with your native attire, not only purses.


Another great choice style hack is to use a clutch is in a contrast colour to your outfit.


Achieve a grown and sexy look when you pair an evening bag with your ensemble. Especially when wearing a midi length dress.


Box shaped clutch are amongst our favourites! Looking at them alone gives a feeling of excitement. Feel free to rock them as your spirit directs!18013312_292978624472856_41427626744610816_n

Same as earlier, look how this choice of a not so mini purse fits the aso ebi nicely.



We thought to leave you with this pretty purse; you should bookmark our blog as we’ll be having more lookbooks on the perfect types of clutches/purses to pair with your native wears.

Till next time…. Remain stylish!


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