12 New Pieces Amanda Would Love to Have in Her Closet for Spring 2017


The fashion industry and its trends are always changing, and right now, they’re at a point that I’m not terribly interested in, on a personal aesthetic level. The notable exception to that is bags, thankfully–I think a lot of what’s out there right now is great, and most of the current accessory trends are grounded in both form and function, which is important. Everything else, though? I could take or leave a lot of it.

That made constructing a personal wish list for the season’s new arrivals a little trickier than it usually is, but once I got going, I found some things I’d totally love to have. (And, if you look at many of this list’s pieces together, I constructed a pretty good weekend travel outfit or two.) Take a look at my picks below–what are you looking forward to snapping up for your spring wardrobe?


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